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ART Suite7 | Thessaloniki-Center

Artsuite 7 is a penthouse located in the old industrial and cultural center of thessaloniki! It is 70 sq meters and it boasts a spacious veranda , overlooking the historical center of the city! This beautiful appartment has been tastefully decorated with a variety of art objects.

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Art Suite48 | Thessaloniki-Center

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Art suite 48 is a newly renovated penthouse loft , overlooking the byzantine church of agia sofia ! Situated in the very heart of the city it offers breathtaking views of the square and the old church! It is 65 square meters and its location , right in the most vibrant part of the city ,near the best coffee-shops and pubs , restaurants and museums , make it an ideal place for the knowing visitor! Enjoy luxurious moments in this classy loft!

Katerini-Alykes Kitrous | Villa Mediterranean Hacienda Summer Resorts

Villa Hacienda Katerini | Greece

Make your best Holidays in Luxury  Villa   Located on  Katerini Pieria Greece

   Αn iconic mansion, is built upon the site of ancient Pydna with breathtaking views of the gulf of Thermaikos ! It boasts an impressive swimming pool, in the shape of a pond, with natural rocks and an oasis of six acres of trees ,including an orchard with organic fruit and vegetables! 

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Villa Tropicalia with private pool | Chalkidiki Greece

Bραβείο guest review awards 2018

Welcome to paradise…

Στο ποιο δημοφιλες σημειο της Χαλκιδικης,στην Κρυοπηγη, αυτη η μαγευτικη βιλλα με την τεραστια πισινα και τις φοινικιες προσφερη μια οαση τροπικης ξεγνοιασιας και ξεκουρασης…Διακριτικα απομονωμενη ,δημιουργη μια privace πολυτελεια χαλαρωσης τοσο στην εσωτερικη αυλη της ,οσο και στην υπεροχη ταρατσας της, με θεα το απεραντο γαλαζιο της θαλασσας και του ουρανου.